Face Reading: Instant Profiling, no escaping you (Intermediate Level) Watch Preview

Profile people in an instant without the need for a lengthy questionnaire. No 100 questions survey sheet. Just look at a person and know them within seconds. This is a course which teaches you a super skill. Once acquired, you will have this skill forever. 

- Understand people better

- Useful for communication and Sales

- Know when to walk away from stubborn people

- Know if a person has gone through a grieving state.

* Please take the Basic course before embarking on the Intermediate level

This course is a 10 part course plus a bonus 40min video to demonstrate how you could deliver a paid talk in this topic.

10 Lessons

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10 Lessons in Face Reading: Instant Profiling, no escaping you (Intermediate Level):

Lesson 11: The Anatomy of the Face

Introduction and validation of this super skill

Lesson 12: Eye distance and head shape

Learning to read eye distance and head shape

Lesson 13: Noses

learn how to identify and interpret the different nose types

Lesson 15: Forehead and Forehead lines

Learn what the slope of the forehead says and the lines that express it.

Lesson 16: Facial lines

Facial lines are one of the easiest and most interesting reads on the face

Lesson 17: Teeth and overall countenance

This lesson on countenance is important, please do not skip this

Lesson 18: Commonly asked questions

We have picked some of the most commonly asked questions. As a reader, you are likely to be asked of these questions

Lesson 19: Combination Reading

How to combine the information and read as a whole

Lesson 20: How to narrate a reading

After learning how to read, you got to learn how to share it...tactfully

Lesson 21: Demonstration of a paid how to do a paid speech

A full video reel as an example on how a practitioner can do a paid speech