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This face reading course is not a fortune-telling course, but a course that enables you to profile people with high accuracy just by reading the features on their faces. This school of research is based on the science of Epigenetics. 

The keyword for us in the science of Epigenetics is “GENE EXPRESSION”. Your environment, your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs influence how your genes express itself and how they are manifested on your face.

Previously only available in live workshops, this international class content is now online!
Our introductory course will touch on over 30 different reads on the face. Enough to get you started as a Face Reader.

We are certain that there were more than a few occasions that when you met someone, you had an instant hunch that that person is a good or bad person, threatening or unfriendly. These are not hunching, everyone has a built-in survival instinct to protect ourselves, the ability to sense our surrounding. In this workshop, we will formally define the features of the faces and help explain what each one means.

Learn how to read people and achieve a clear advantage in life. Know when to pull back and cut your losses. Know how to pick the friendliest people during a networking session. …and so much more.

10 Lessons

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10 Lessons in I Know you! Face Reading course:

Face Reading

It aims to equip the student with a decent measure of Face reading skills which can be immediately applied to their business, Home, Sales, relationship building and social interaction.

2. Reading the Eyebrows

Eyebrows reveal a measure of a person’s personality. In this lesson, we learn how to identify the different types of eyebrows and what they mean.

3. Reading the Eyes

The eyes tell us much about a person’s current attitude and state. Knowing how to distinguish the various eye types helps you to profile a person accurately.

4. Reading the Mouth

The Mouth reveals a person’s attitude towards the social world he faces. There are different mouth structures and by being able to identify the different mouth types will add to your skillset.

5. Reading the height of eyes brows and ears

This combination of eyes and brows reveal the speed of inception of a person. Is the person a fast thinker or slow thinker? Why do some people respond faster, and others deliberate for long periods of time? Get your answers in this session.

6. Identifying and interpreting facial lines

Life significant moments are captured in the lines on the face, it reveals so much about a person. Students will find reading facial lines fascinating as each set of lines reveal something about the person.

7. Interpretation of ‘reads’

8. Commonly asked questions

• Does Ethnicity affect the accuracy of the face read? • What happens when people go for aesthetic surgery? • Do our faces change with time?

9. Applications

Examples on how to pick out facial features from the crowd and take on useful tells. These exercises are done using still photographs.

10. Advanced Applications

Video exercise to help students have a feel on how to read faces while on the go. First on a single subject, then, on more than one subject at a time.