Managing Virtual Technologies in Turbulent Times Watch Preview

The Covid-19 virus is the ultimate disruption of business we have ever witnessed in the lifetime. The main outlook of business engagement for the next 18 months will be mainly online and virtual. How can we create and organize better experiential virtual events instead of the usual virtual meetings and talk show? How can we market our events more efficiently in the crowded marketplace?

This 2-hour webinar will give you a comprehensive overview of the strategies and the technologies involved in bringing your business on virtual platforms

• What is Virtual Event?
• Pros and Cons of Virtual Events
• The tech tools for better virtual events
• Best practices for different virtual events
• Tools for Better engagement
• Challenges of Virtual Events
• Marketing of Virtual Events 

6 Lessons

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6 Lessons in Managing Virtual Technologies in Turbulent Times:

Managing Virtual Technologies in Turbulent Times

Main Presentation - Andrew Chow, CSP

Virtual Assistants

VR/AR Technology and Museum Showcase

Sennheiser WFH Essentials