Strategies for Virtual Ice Breakers, Team Building and Facilitation Watch Preview

Virtual team building is the ongoing process of bringing remote teams together. It’ll help your team achieve deeper bonds by creating a collaborative environment that’s similar to an in-office setting!

Why is virtual team building important?

The physical distance of remote work can quickly turn into emotional distance which in turn, leads to isolation. And when your employees feel isolated, they won’t be comfortable working alongside their fellow team members!

This is why it’s important to create a comfortable team environment that remote workers can rely on.

Virtual team building efforts consist of several carefully designed strategies, games and activities that are meant to bring more human interaction to virtual work. It’ll help your team connect with each other – making them feel like they’re actually part of a community!

2 Lessons

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2 Lessons in Strategies for Virtual Ice Breakers, Team Building and Facilitation:

Video Presentation from Andrew Chow and Tim Hamons

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